About me
I was born in Handel, The Netherlands in 1994 where I grew up in a small village playing in the woods and imagining being in other worlds. I always had a large imagination and in my childhood I was either playing outside or inside drawing fantastical creatures with ferocious fangs. Beside from the fact I wanted to be an artist I wanted to tell stories, my drawings came always from a narritive that I made up in my head. That's what I still hope I'm doing when I'm illustrating now, to give depth and narritive to my work and I hope that resonates with those that view my art. 

When I was done with high school I wanted to pursue my ambitions at a creative school and I chose Sint Lucas in Eindhoven where I studied Game Art & Development for 4 years. Here I learned to become an artist and work in teams to create games and other interactive forms of storytelling. After graduating I went to art school at St Joost in Breda to further develop myself as an artist. But after the first year I was to eager to get out there in the real world and start for myself. Ever since then I have been freelancing as an illustrator with various projects of multiple disciplines. 


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